Social: Where Do I Start?

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TwitterIs this how you feel when someone asks you if you tweet? Does this summarize your overall mindset toward social media?

Perhaps you’ve taken on a new role at work in which you need a stronger understanding of social media. Maybe you’re a student, and your classroom training isn’t quite enough.

The good news is that there are endless resources at your disposal. So make the commitment now to be proactive and educate yourself. Following are three tips if you’re not sure where to start.

1) Make time to read how-to articles, case studies, and broader industry news.

This will truly help you understand how to use key social channels, stay on top of trends, and learn from industry snafus and success stories.Read More

500+ Web Fonts…oh my!

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When designing a website, we no longer have to choose between the small handful of web-friendly fonts such as Arial, Verdana, Georgia and Times. We can now choose from over 500 web fonts with the help of TypeKit and other web font services. In the past year, support for web fonts has gotten increasingly better, allowing us to give websites an even more unique look. Designers everywhere…rejoice!

Web font services offer a large collection of web fonts at an affordable price. For an annual fee, you can use unlimited web fonts, on unlimited websites. However, there is one stipulation. Most of these services, aside from Font Squirrel and select others, do not let you download fonts for desktop use. So if you need to use the same fonts on your website as you want to use in print (in Adobe Photoshop® for example), you will have to download and purchase the font separately.Read More

Encoding a Brand Experience

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Do you remember the days when cell phones were only for emergencies? That notion is long gone today. Now, having a cell phone not only means that you are accessible 24/7, but it also means that information is accessible 24/7, too.  It’s great for you, and it’s proved to be great for marketers as well.

With the advent of text marketing and mobile internet, the marketing landscape has seen significant changes. It’s evolved even more so with one of the latest additions, QR (Quick Response) codes.Read More

IWYS guys wore their heart on their sleeves for Ubiquinol

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MarketSpace just launched a new site for Kaneka at And as a good marketing professional, you might be wondering how we got the word out about the site to generate traffic and start boosting our rankings.

Well, would you believe us if we told you we launched with…a t-shirt? We did! That’s because part of our launch plan for the site included a feature day on More

MarketSpace launches .org site with a lot of heart

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Kaneka Nutrients is a premier ingredient manufacturer located in Pasadena, Texas. They were the original manufacturers of CoQ10, and today, KanekaQ10 is the only CoQ10 manufactured in the United States.

In the past decade, Kaneka has been working on a new form of CoQ10 called Ubiquinol. This ingredient is the reduced, active antioxidant form of CoQ10 that is more readily absorbed by the body, and provides your heart with the energy and antioxidant protection it needs to function at its best.Read More

Introducing IdeaSpace The Blog

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At MarketSpace, everything old is new again. Like our retro brand image, which uses a vintage feel with a modern flair. Our Christmas promotion, in which we relived all of our favorite holiday memories from childhood. And now, we’re taking the content from our IdeaSpace archives and republishing it in a new format. Introducing IdeaSpace The Blog!

We really enjoy writing IdeaSpace, and we appreciate the feedback we get from everyone who reads it. So we decided to create a blog where our readers can post comments on our articles, and even search for past articles to read and comment on through our archives.Read More