Strategic Messaging Communicates Fusion of Product Lines

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A consistent image across all collateral is important to a brand’s presence. It makes customers feel secure and promotes loyalty. Over the past year, Legrand, a leading provider of products and systems for electrical installation and information networks, made the decision to unite multiple product lines—each with their own unique look and feel—under one brand image. They did so by updating standards of packaging, labeling and instruction sheets to facilitate a consistent design across all lines. To help communicate this change with key customers, they consulted MarketSpace.Read More

Savvy Web Design Enhances Engagement

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Ubiquinol Redesign

MarketSpace Communications recently executed a savvy homepage redesign for Kaneka Nutrients, the makers of Ubiquinol. Using our interactive expertise, we created a platform that dynamically educates users on the healthful benefits of Ubiquinol.

The redesigned product homepage serves as an educational tool that’s primed for search engine optimization, ease of navigation, education and interaction. Read More

An Onion A Day Keeps Stale Profits at Bay

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Onion BrochureKnow a restaurant suffering from menu rut and stale revenue? Do what we did – tell ‘em to add some onions! McCain’s onions, that is. Thanks to a creative and strategic sales piece that MarketSpace designed, restaurants now know that they can add a little pizzazz to their menu and pump up their profits by offering McCain’s famous onion rings.

MarketSpace has been working with McCain, manufacturer and distributor of frozen food products, for years. Recently, in an effort to boost sales of their scrumptious onion rings, McCain asked MarketSpace to develop a fresh Texas-oriented brochure that featured the various ways restaurants could use the rings on menus.

We present to you: “The Onion Report” – our surefire way to praise The Mighty Onion, tease the taste buds of buyers and jumpstart the sales process. This piece features a yummy array of menu options that will please palates and pump up profits – a win for both restaurant and customer. Yeehaw!