Helping St. Gregory’s Catholic Parish Help Others

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To celebrate its 100th anniversary, St. Gregory’s Catholic Parish created a Centennial Endowment Fund to help establish monetary support for families that can’t afford the school’s tuition. In order to educate people about this fund and encourage them to give, MarketSpace produced an emotional and uplifting video wrapped around the inspiring theme of “We Believe.”

St. Gregory’s serves children in kindergarten through 8th grade. They pride the School on setting a solid foundation for children, fostering self-growth and independence, providing opportunities and instilling values. With the help of videographers Greg Straub and Harry Giglio, MarketSpace capitalized on the School’s plethora of strengths. Through personal stories from students and staff, MarketSpace showcased the wonderful impact St. Gregory’s has on children and the community.

Another Boost of Vitality for Ubiquinol’s Web Presence

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MarketSpace has been beefing up the web presence for Kaneka’s heart health supplement, Ubiquinol, over this past year. First we refurbished the homepage and just recently we put the finishing touches on the News section of the rapidly evolving site.

MarketSpace amplified this section by including links to the product’s latest information as seen in print, broadcast and online, a comprehensive media kit download, a link to news releases, and most importantly, the integration of an expert industry contributor who will write monthly articles. The section also encourages visitors to ask questions about the product, and staff will be on-hand to provide immediate answers.

With such “hearty” information readily available, Ubiquinol’s audience won’t have to search for answers to health-related questions, which is important to a target audience who values time and information. Overall, the MarketSpace creative team has transformed Ubiquinol’s website into a robust, educational, all-inclusive, search-engine-optimized, social-media-friendly, aesthetically pleasing communications tool that will get the right information in front of the right audience.

Redesign for Penn United Amplifies Optimization and Usability

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Some of the most important parts of a website are usability, design and search engine optimization. Each of these factors helps the visitor conveniently find and navigate throughout the site, enhancing the visitor’s experience. This is exactly the type of website redesign that the interactive team at MarketSpace recently developed for high precision manufacturing company, Penn United.

The main objectives of this project were to refresh the site’s appearance, restructure the site’s architecture, amplify usability and boost search engine optimization. With those objectives in mind, our interactive wizards developed a concise website to target Penn United’s markets including, but not limited to, energy, oil and gas, medical, defense and aerospace, and precision components markets. For the client’s further simplicity, the site was designed within the Drupal content management system (CMS). This allows Penn United staff to easily maintain the content own their own. Take a look here.

Only with strategy will you slay the social media beast

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You’ve come to us because you need to know how your brand can “slay the social media beast.” Your apprehension to attack is rational, because without proper strategic knowledge, your brand could be threatened in unknown territory. But by not taking any action, your brand could deteriorate amongst those brand warriors who’ve conquered the beast.

So, let’s talk strategy. Follow these steps before jumping in the social media pit.
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4 Tips to Designing a Successful Eblast

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At MarketSpace, we’re committed to living a greener lifestyle. In the spring of 2011, we launched an online campaign encouraging our audience to make pacts to reduce their carbon footprints. Prior to launching this campaign, we sent out a custom-designed eblast to kick off it off and generate excitement for what was in store. As a result, our email campaign was a recently featured design on Campaign Monitor—an online email marketing company, offering tips and tools to help designers execute a successful email campaign.

When creating an email campaign, and especially when designing a customized eblast template, there are a few steps every designer should consider:

1. Plan ahead. Before you begin the design process, make a list of links, important information and other design elements to be included in your design. Make preliminary sketches of what your template might look like. Will social links need to be included directing audiences to a company’s existing Facebook page or Twitter feed? Will your design need to incorporate navigational links? Using site navigation as part of your design can keep the user experience consistent when clicking from an eblast to a website.

2. Your message should be clear. What is it you want to say? What are you offering? Is there a specific call-to-action? If you were to receive your own email campaign, would you take the time to read it? Or would you immediately delete it? Think of interesting ways to engage your audience. The last thing you want them to think is that you’re a spammer.

3. Keep it simple. Every designer knows the importance of hierarchy and readability. That being said, keeping your layout clean, simple and consistent with your message can make or break the success of an eblast campaign. Make sure there is a direct balance between images and content. Stay fresh and current by researching other email designs, industry trends and web design practices. Don’t fall victim to having your designs look dated!

4. Know your resources. At MarketSpace, we have found Campaign Monitor to be an easy-to-use tool for running streamlined, customizable email campaigns. You can design great-looking emails, manage lists and subscribers and  track analytics—all while meeting your clients’ needs for a low cost. Once you design a campaign, they do the rest!

To check out our campaign featured on Campaign Monitor, click here.