Rethinking Research

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I think one of the biggest mistakes we can make—and by “we” I mean all of us, clients and agencies alike—is to assume that we totally know and understand everything about our target audiences.

Just like modern technology, our target audiences are often changing and evolving. They have access to new information all the time, allowing them to be more educated about their choices and decisions, making them more savvy customers than ever.

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It’s All About Connections

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From the desktop to the data center, Distributed Systems Services (DSS) boasts expertise in a wide range of technology services, including infrastructure management, managed IT services and social business solutions. Due to DSS’ breadth and depth of offerings, the organization boasts elite level partnerships with industry leaders, such as IBM, Microsoft and Cisco. DSS works side-by-side with these technology giants to review, implement, customize and support their products.

So when DSS and IBM teamed up for their latest solution, IBM Connections, DSS turned to MarketSpace to get the word out. This innovative product and social software for businesses enables employees to seamlessly connect, communicate and collaborate across departments, office locations and time zones. But the challenge of generating awareness was two-fold – not only was the partnership in its infancy, but the product was also new and relatively unknown in the marketplace.

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