We’re Servin’ Up Sweet Profits

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Delicious, handcrafted dough topped with melted cheese and meaty toppings… is your mouth watering yet? Well the rest of America’s is. That’s why Rich’s is instituting a pizza revolution! Americans eat approximately 350 slices of pizza per second.* To make sure their valued customers’ were getting a slice of that pie, Rich’s turned to MarketSpace.

We developed a “Pizza Platform” that would give Rich’s sales representatives the tools necessary to show their customers all the possibilities of pizza, including the profits! Using two fun, engaging leave-behind brochures, the sales reps can approach businesses with new ideas for revolutionizing pizza on their menu.

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Don’t Become the Next Social Media Fail

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Whenever I hear about a brand tweeting or posting an insensitive or accidental message or photo, I literally cringe and scream out “WHYYYYYYYYY” while angrily shaking my fists in the air.

How does this keep happening? Let’s learn from the mistakes of countless businesses and brands that have fallen to the inerasable mistakes that can happen in the world of social media.

Here’s some tips, tricks and general best practices to get your brand recognized through social media. (Also called, “how to avoid disastrous social media blunders.”)

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