Reaching Out to Neighbors in Need

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At MarketSpace, we pride ourselves on being active in the Cranberry Township community. That’s why each summer we jump at the opportunity to support the Cranberry CUP: Community Uniting People. During this weeklong event, the entire community rallies around a local person or family in need. To raise money, all the neighborhoods come together to compete in softball games, golf outings, 5K runs and more. To date, the Cranberry CUP has proudly raised over one million dollars since its start in 2000.

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Style Tiles: A new approach to web design

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Just imagine you’re about to redecorate your family room. How would you go about it? Would you buy two of everything? Two different couches, different types of lamps, new rugs and paint colors — then test each of them out? Or would you plan it out ahead of time, get the right feel and go from there? Maybe you want a contemporary style or maybe you want that country, cozy feel — either way, you’d sit down and plan out your scheme before getting to work.

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