Picture Perfect Products

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Rich Products Corporation knows good food. And with good food, comes the need for great photography… that’s where the MarketSpace team comes in.

Rich’s is a leading frozen foods and solutions provider to the foodservice industry, and we have the pleasure of working directly with the in-store bakery division. With hundreds of products and new offerings constantly coming on the market, Rich’s has to stay-on-ball with their ever-growing portfolio.

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How We Create

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Like any advertising agency, we usually have a lot of irons in the fire. Between our account execs working directly with our clients, the digital guys making web magic happen, the social and PR team moving the conversation and us — the creative team — bringing the project to life visually and keeping the content on point … we have a lot going on!

At MarketSpace, we take a holistic approach to everything we do – crossing department lines and integrating our services. To keep us all on track and in motion, we have a creative process that the whole team follows. This process makes sure all key players are involved and that collaboration is happening right from the start. Here’s a little sneak peek on how a creative brief becomes a full-blown campaign… this is how we create:

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