Multiple Channels. One Message.

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Last year, MarketSpace brought you an article entitled “Content is Top Dog.” And nearly a year later… we’re here to tell you that content’s reign is not over.

As we move into 2015, MarketSpace continues to keep consistent messaging and multi-channel marketing at the core of everything we do. In actuality, this consistency is second nature to us. We first sit down with our clients to fully grasp what they offer to their target audience, and from there, we begin to shape that overall message. What does the client want to get across? Who does the client need to reach? What differentiates the client from their competitors? All of these questions lead us to that one message.

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Saying Hello to Hybrid

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DSS offers a wide-range of IT solutions that drive business value. They partner with MarketSpace on a variety of products to develop the right mix of solution, promotion and content marketing. We work closely with DSS to increase their content library, provide high-quality resources to their audience and continue to highlight them as experts in IT.  When DSS comes to us with a campaign need, we first take a good look at the content that’s available. From there we develop a campaign theme, then figure out all the other ways the existing content can be tailored and distributed.

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