Client Seeking Marketers: A Personality Profile of Agency Teams

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When it comes to dating today, there are so many new outlets to find a compatible companion. From Match to eHarmony, Tinder to Ok Cupid, one thing’s for sure…there are Plenty of Fish (that’s POF in the online dating realm) in the sea.

The same is true for a client seeking out the perfect agency. While good work and super customer service are always on the must-have list for an agency partner, it’s important not to underestimate the necessity of good old chemistry.

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The Brand that Keeps On Brewing

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Choosing a favorite brand might be an easy decision for some, but for me, it was tough to narrow it down to just one.

There are the big box brands – CocaCola, Target, McDonald’s – that appeal to a wide range of consumers. Then, there are more niche brands, like Lululemon and Cabela’s, which attract a specific audience. (I bet you’d be hard pressed to find a Lulu consumer in a Cabela’s, and visa versa!) And of course, there are brands like Dunkin Donuts, that have managed to successfully reinvent themselves to stay relevant.

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An Inside Look at the Creative Process

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Have you ever realized how much a single logo can represent? Take a simple black swoosh for example. You instantly think Nike, right? But it probably also evokes a feeling of excitement, of team camaraderie, of having the power to run an extra mile… of, dare I say, “just doing it.” And while it may look like a simple black swoosh, a lot of planning goes into a logo design.

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Extreme Brand Makeover: MarketSpace Edition

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Every few years it’s best to sit back and figure out the best way to refresh your look, right? I bet if we asked Madonna, she’d agree with us. And while we couldn’t get the queen of reinvention on the phone, MarketSpace did take some time to reflect on ourselves as a brand.

We researched future trends, kept in mind our agency’s big personalities and sprinkled in a little spunk. The result? A total brand update that has us lookin’ oh so fresh.

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