COME ON DOWN! You’re the next social media contestant.

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Social media can seem like a crazy game sometimes. Pin here. Like there and make sure to favorite before you pass go! With so many channels available – and different capabilities and rules for each – you can find yourself losing the game before you even start! So here are a few tips from MarketSpace to get you on your way to being the next big social winner.

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Flat Design: The Here & Now

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As a graphic designer, I am constantly being inspired even if I am not directly looking for inspiration. A simple trip to the grocery store or a quick scroll through Facebook can result in finding something that catches my eye and perks my interest. Lately, the trend of flat design has been popping up, and it’s something that really piques my interest and inspires my design aesthetic.

If you are not familiar with flat design, let me bring you up to speed. Flat design does not have any stylistic elements that give the illusion of three dimensions. Instead, it is focused more on the minimalist use of simple elements, strong typography and singular color. This type of design style has been around since long before computers were used for design work, but it really started to re-gain popularity in 2013. Since its resurgence, flat design has been taking the marketing and design world by storm – From entire brand identities to interactive design, you can see flat design everywhere.

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Typography: A Helvetica Good Time

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Fonts are people too. There. I said it.

Call me crazy—but typefaces have personalities with a purpose. Each one encompasses a certain character, age, gender, attitude, and general tone of voice. Type triggers emotions, playing subtle psychological mind games with our brains. Whether serious, casual, fun or old-fashioned, type can take on a powerful life of it’s own.

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A Day in the Life of a MarketSpace Intern

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Alarm *Beep Beep Beep* The alarm on my cell sounds before blaring the latest pop music, beckoning me to start the day. Hmmm… maybe I’ll hit the snooze once. Maybe twice. I’m one of those people guilty of setting my alarm a little bit early just so I can hit that snooze button again and return to my dream of….a hammock, a soft bed, a meadow…anything that allows me to sleep in because I dream of sleeping in, even if it’s just for that five minutes allowed by a snooze button. By the time I get out of bed it’s time to start the day with an eye-opening shower, wash my face, get dressed and start the Keurig.

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