A Letter to my Pre-Intern Self

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As I reflect back on my summer internship here at MarketSpace, here’s the letter I wish had for my pre-intern self.

Dear pre-intern Phoebe,

Final intern blogCongratulations! You have just finished your first year of college and are about to get a taste of how the real world really works. I know you are nervous, but once you meet everyone at MarketSpace and see how welcoming they all are, the excitement of starting a new adventure will cancel all those butterflies. Remembering how to drive and refreshing parking skills after riding busses and walking a campus for the past ten months has been a small feat on it’s own, but you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as you pull into the parking lot on your first day at MarketSpace. This particular building is filled with creative brains, which may be intimidating, but don’t be afraid to ask questions because they will lead to a myriad of new challenges, ideas and skills. There will be days that stretch your grammar skills and you will have to refresh yourself on the definition of the oxford comma, but you will emerge better for the experience. Enjoy the ride!

Take a deep breath and exhale. Bask in the moment of being surrounded by so many creative people. Watch how they work, listen to the interactions and learn from what they can teach you. Marvel at the projects they are working on and how they go about creating interesting websites, new brands, fun marketing campaigns, and just solve problems. Laugh often as you get to know all of these inspiring people, and enjoy each day because it is going to fly past as quickly as summer usually does. And, as your last few days are coming to end and you’re finishing up your final few projects, look around and remember to be thankful for meeting some of the most enthusiastic people to kick-start your creative path and those who truly love their careers. These are people who make work feel less like a job and more like a hobby. These are folks who love coming to work, so why wouldn’t you love coming to this internship?

Throughout all those funny morning production meetings, the chit-chats about what smells so yummy coming from the direction of the toaster oven, and teaching you new ways to use your college ID (from getting into museums for free or a discount at JCrew and Banana Republic), this experience will honestly be amazing. Even after your summer at MarketSpace, you may still be unsure of the exact direction you will take with your Communications Major, but you will have realized what kind of person you want to be – enthusiastic, welcoming, knowledge, and all around inspiring.

So shake off those jitters, pick out something cute to wear, and get excited about starting this incredible chapter of your college education. This is going to be so much more fun than a boring old class and it’s summertime! Oh, and before you leave, don’t forget to thank Pam for being so wonderful in offering you this fantastic opportunity and everyone for being so welcoming and friendly. You will learn so much and will have a great time doing it!


Post-intern Phoebe

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