Ikea, A Well Built Brand

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“Here are 150 pieces, three boxes and one small L-wrench. Best of luck.” There’s only one brand that could get away with such things… and that one brand is Ikea.

With locations all over the world, Ikea has built a brand on well… having you build their furniture. On paper, it sounds totally off the wall, but Ikea has managed to take shopping for home furnishings and transform it into a full on experience.

With a strong brand voice and classic blue and yellow colors, consumers quickly recognize Ikea and are drawn into their stores. That’s where the real brandwashing begins.

The store itself feels like you’re in an adult amusement park. Gorgeous layouts of what could be in your apartment, finished kitchens that smell of potential meals to come and so much more. Not to mention it’s at a price point that doesn’t make your stomach turn. Each time you enter the store, you are quickly transfixed on all of the possibilities.

As you travel throughout the store, the maze that is Ikea allows you to completely lose track of time. Candles. Rugs. Lights. A-Swedish-word-you-can’t-pronounce. Plants. Spoons. Meatballs! Carts quickly fill and before you know it, a complete floor of your house has been transformed.

This one-stop-shopping experience has solidified Ikea in every consumer’s mind when it comes to redecorating. Their modern, universal designs are bland enough that you can dress them up, but quirky enough that they stand on their own. They have a mix of everything all rolled into one, and they speak to a variety of ages and demographics.

Ikea has the in and out process down to a science, a brand that will keep people coming back for decades to come, and a physical store that is a more like a destination. Now let’s roll up our sleeves and start building.

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