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During an early episode of Mad Men, Don Draper (creative mastermind and smug heartthrob) is quoted saying something along the lines of: “What you call love was invented by guys like me to sell nylons.”

While we’ve always appreciated Don’s 1960s advertising ways, we had to disagree with him a bit here. Now, we’d be lying if we said love didn’t help sell things, but we surely don’t think it was something a marketer invented and we’re certain that it comes in all shapes, sizes and forms.

So with the Valentine’s Day spirit in mind, we asked the staff one simple, yet extremely complicated question: Fill in your definition of what love is. Here’s what they said:

Love is trust.


Love is Netflix binge fests, sweatpants and pizza.

Love is an empty email inbox.

Love is unpredictable, unexplainable, unending and sometimes unexpected.

Love is puppy snuggles.

Love is everything with the right person and nothing with the wrong one.


Love is a day without meetings.

Love is what you make of it. The more you give, the more you get.

Love is a back road drive – windows down, music up!

Love is someone knowing how you like your eggs prepared.

Love is the Steelers going to the Super Bowl…oh wait…


Love is the client liking things on round one.

Love is getting hugs and butterfly kisses from your child.

Love is pizza… and beer… and more pizza.

Love is wearing snuggly pjs on a cold day.

Love is your husband saving you the last chocolate covered pretzel.

Love is sleeping in and lazy Saturdays on the couch watching Netflix.


Love is an 8-layer cake: (1) Oreo cookie crust (2) chocolate cake (3) chocolate mousse (4) yellow cake (5) chocolate mousse (6) marble cheesecake (7) chocolate cake (8) chocolate frosting.

Love is a warm, fuzzy blanket on a cold, snowy day.

Love is having the Penguins win the Stanley Cup (again!)

Love is someone bringing you a treat unexpectedly.

Love is your cat cuddling next to you on the couch.

Love is singing musical numbers in your car.

Love is finishing a project under budget

Love is sleeping in together on the weekends.

Love is unconditional. Period

Love is love is love.


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