Social Rules & Regs

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Your audience may love social media – but will they love you if you use their info without permission? Here are two important tips to keep in mind when posting to your social media business pages:

Ask First

When recording videos, make sure you are not capturing any background conversations, as you could be violating Pennsylvania’s Wiretapping Act. If you’re going to use audio, get permission from everyone in the video ahead of time. A consent form is best for documentation purposes.

Get Consent

Have people sign a consent form before taking their photo if it will be used on social media. When posting, also tag that person. Chances are the person will want to share the photo, resulting in more exposure for your business. If you are taking photos from behind crowds and there are no faces identifiable in the photo, no consent is needed.

BONUS TIP! (Oooo isn’t it your lucky day.)

While not necessarily a rule… we wanted to give you one last best practices tip. If you want to like or comment on your Facebook business page as yourself, pay close attention to make sure you are not liking or commenting on your businesses page as your business. In the bottom right hand corner of posts, you’ll see a box. Make sure the box has your personal profile image in it, and that is says you are liking and commenting as yourself.

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