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It is almost impossible to not encounter a meme on every social media platform. If you’re wondering what they are and what their true purpose is… here’s a quick breakdown:

What is a meme?
A meme is an image that is made humorous by adding funny captions, and once posted on the Internet, often spreads like wildfire. There are multiple “famous” memes across the Internet now, such as “Bad Luck Brian,” “Success Kid,” “Hey Girl,” or “Condescending Wonka.” Once a certain tone is established, that general set up is used going forward and users know what type of laugh to expect.


Memes + Your Biz
If you’ve considered using memes for your business, it’s important to know your audience. They can be especially useful when trying to reach a younger crowd. Memes can make your audience laugh, which in turn increases engagement and followers on your social media pages.

Just remember: With new memes taking off each month, make sure you are aware of the latest trends and be sure to follow each meme’s correct punch line.

Try It Out
There are easy and fast ways to create a meme. Give it a try by checking out meme-creating websites such as ImgFlip’s Meme Generator.

Be on the lookout for some industry-focused memes we’ll be sharing on our Facebook in the upcoming weeks!

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