Ikea, A Well Built Brand

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“Here are 150 pieces, three boxes and one small L-wrench. Best of luck.” There’s only one brand that could get away with such things… and that one brand is Ikea.

With locations all over the world, Ikea has built a brand on well… having you build their furniture. On paper, it sounds totally off the wall, but Ikea has managed to take shopping for home furnishings and transform it into a full on experience.

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Flat Design: The Here & Now

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As a graphic designer, I am constantly being inspired even if I am not directly looking for inspiration. A simple trip to the grocery store or a quick scroll through Facebook can result in finding something that catches my eye and perks my interest. Lately, the trend of flat design has been popping up, and it’s something that really piques my interest and inspires my design aesthetic.

If you are not familiar with flat design, let me bring you up to speed. Flat design does not have any stylistic elements that give the illusion of three dimensions. Instead, it is focused more on the minimalist use of simple elements, strong typography and singular color. This type of design style has been around since long before computers were used for design work, but it really started to re-gain popularity in 2013. Since its resurgence, flat design has been taking the marketing and design world by storm – From entire brand identities to interactive design, you can see flat design everywhere.

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