Finding Your Voice

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Hello there.
Good afternoon.

Have you ever considered how a single salutation can influence your brand? Are you hip and cool like a “hey,” or are you more buttoned-up like a “good afternoon”? Not sure what exactly we mean, let‘s dig in…

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Ikea, A Well Built Brand

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“Here are 150 pieces, three boxes and one small L-wrench. Best of luck.” There’s only one brand that could get away with such things… and that one brand is Ikea.

With locations all over the world, Ikea has built a brand on well… having you build their furniture. On paper, it sounds totally off the wall, but Ikea has managed to take shopping for home furnishings and transform it into a full on experience.

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Retail’s Greatest Asset: The Brand Voice

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All of my coworkers assumed that when I was given the “write about what inspires you” prompt, I was bound to write about my obsession with shopping. But, no! I’m not going to do that! Instead, I’m going to tell you a bit about my admiration for a solid brand voice – in particular – the brand voices of my favorite retail companies. (Okay, okay… so maybe I’m writing about shopping after all…)

As a copywriter, I find a bit of inspiration everywhere I turn. From a punny line on a store bag to a special event email, I appreciate the brand voice idiosyncrasies that appear within each form of marketing. And when it comes to retail, the brand voice is especially critical.

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Confession: I Still Visit Bookstores

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When I think about all of the brands I’ve been loyal to over the years, it’s hard to choose a favorite. As I’ve gotten older, my tastes in clothing, laundry detergent, shampoo, you-name-it have changed so significantly that it’s hard to remember where my “loyalties” once were. There is one glaring exception to this, however. And that exception is Barnes & Noble.

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Logo vs. Brand

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The classic tale of what you look like vs. who you are

When it comes to your identity, it’s easy to get caught up in the glam of picking your logo. After all, your logo is the one visual that quickly identifies your company. And while there is no doubt that a logo is a crucial part of brand recognition – as it will be displayed on storefronts, letterhead, business cards, websites, and more – it is important to remember that the logo itself is not your brand. Your logo is essentially the cover to your book, and you can’t have a book without a story.

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Baby Béla, Blemished Bums and Beautiful Branding

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Take eco-friendly, ultra-absorbent, latex-free diapers and pair them with online ordering, monthly shipping options and the cutest designs possible. What do you get? A parent’s new best friend that goes by the name, The Honest Company.

In just three years, founder and mom, Jessica Alba, has transformed modern day parenting with this one billion dollar company. (Yes billion, with a “b.”) As a mother of a soon-to-be two year old, Béla, my love of great branding and excellent customer service has hit a new high. However, my obsession with Honest didn’t start overnight.

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The Brand that Keeps On Brewing

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Choosing a favorite brand might be an easy decision for some, but for me, it was tough to narrow it down to just one.

There are the big box brands – CocaCola, Target, McDonald’s – that appeal to a wide range of consumers. Then, there are more niche brands, like Lululemon and Cabela’s, which attract a specific audience. (I bet you’d be hard pressed to find a Lulu consumer in a Cabela’s, and visa versa!) And of course, there are brands like Dunkin Donuts, that have managed to successfully reinvent themselves to stay relevant.

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An Inside Look at the Creative Process

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Have you ever realized how much a single logo can represent? Take a simple black swoosh for example. You instantly think Nike, right? But it probably also evokes a feeling of excitement, of team camaraderie, of having the power to run an extra mile… of, dare I say, “just doing it.” And while it may look like a simple black swoosh, a lot of planning goes into a logo design.

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Extreme Brand Makeover: MarketSpace Edition

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Every few years it’s best to sit back and figure out the best way to refresh your look, right? I bet if we asked Madonna, she’d agree with us. And while we couldn’t get the queen of reinvention on the phone, MarketSpace did take some time to reflect on ourselves as a brand.

We researched future trends, kept in mind our agency’s big personalities and sprinkled in a little spunk. The result? A total brand update that has us lookin’ oh so fresh.

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